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Tarkovsky's Last Days of Europe (David Glass Workshop in Macau)

2017/2018, with 滾動傀儡另類劇場 Rolling Puppet 

Project Leads: Lam Teng Teng, Kevin Chio

Director/Tutor: David Glass

Production Manager: Kevin Chio

Performers: Nada Chan, Pinky Chan, Mandy Cheang, Hope Chiang, Neo Kou, Loretta Lai, Lam Teng Teng, Debbie Tai, Liang-pei Yen, Yu En Ping, Liyun Zhang


Tarkovsky is undoubtedly one of the most important Film Directors to have ever lived. And yet his films remain beautiful enigmas causing audiences world wide to be both mesmerized and frustrated by his enigmatic visual meditations on the human condition. Drawing inspiration from four of his later films, The Mirror, Nostalgia, The Stalker and The Sacrifice, and attempting to apply his aesthetic philosophy of ‘pure cinema’ to create ‘pure theater’ unfettered to plot or conventional characters. More like a dream play. With this and through group improvisations and discussion we provoked ourselves to create a devised visual theater piece that plays with Tarkovsky's themes of nostalgia, memory, childhood, nature, love and death. The presentation is only the beginning of a longer creative journey that began as a training in physical and devised theater in June 2017 and brought together artists from across Macau and the region.

Photo credit: Rolling Puppet Alternative Theater

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