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卡先生與憂鬱鳥 Mr. Ka

2018, with 滾動傀儡另類劇場 Rolling Puppet Alternative Theater

Original Text: Marlies Bardeli

Adaptation, Director: Lam Teng Teng Teresa

Puppeteers: Kevin Chio, Lam Teng Teng and Yu En Ping

Composer and Live Music Performance: Tzu-lan Chung

Puppet Designers: Lam Teng Teng, Kevin Chio, Yia-wei Huang and Yu En Ping

Scenographer: Cola Wong

Set Design Assistant: Hannah Anne Lam

Set illustration: Koni Long

Sound Engineer: Wan Si Lok

Producer: Kevin Chio

Production Assistant: Ivan Au

Mr. Ka lives a boring life as an office worker, the only thing makes him happy is to raise a variety of birds at home. One day, he finds that the birds stop singing and eating, doctor diagnoses that the birds are suffering from “Depression”. Mr Ka and his good friend, Lok the newsboy, do everything possible to cure the birds, only to learn that getting ones out of depression is not easy! Meanwhile, Mr. Ka also embarks on a journey of self-release...

Photo credit: Rolling Puppet Alternative Theater

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