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Human Sound I

Idea - Eglė Šimėnaitė

Recordings/realization - Eglė Šimėnaitė, Valtteri Alanen, En Ping Yu. 

Performed by: Valtteri Alanen, En Ping Yu.


Theatrical project Human Sound originated from a thought that every human being can be identified and recognized sonically. A sound-oriented performance on the audial and compositional side of humans reaches out into how we experience human existence, what bonds and separates humans, and how we can generalize and personalize sound. 

The Human Sound project is a live-audio (and performative), almost a concert/stand-up formant taking experience. In the performance coincidences, habits, reflexes, bodily and human activities echo processed by two performers.  

In the course of the project, the questions inspiring the creative team were: what a person consists of; what are the biological, psychological, emotional layers of a person; do our thoughts, dreams, goals, purpose, ability to communicate with each other and other beings, reflect in our general structure? And can it be translated to sound? Can we perceive a human being as music? What does it mean to be human and what is humanity? 

This is only the first part of a larger project, which concentrates on sounds emitted by the body of a person, not necessarily heard with the "naked" ear. Also, the live processing of simultaneous thoughts on random human activities and prerecorded as well as live sounds connect two performers and reveal how we depend on each other and how we make an impact on others. 


All the audial compositions appearing in this performance are composed solely from the recorded and live sounds of the body of En Ping Yu.

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