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Someone Has Shared A Document With You 

Performer and dramaturg - Yu En Ping


Annotation: (Group version)

Adventure in two-dimensional space in which small group of participants explore the vast space of empty Google document and its expected and unexpected laws. You will meet new two-dimensional friends, gather at the base camp and later set off to the wide landscape of blank space of Google document.


Annotation: (For one Audience at a time)

The one-on-one encounter on google doc, for one audience at a time. During the one-hour performance we will explore a subtle journey about alternative ways of being together. 

The making of this performance started with a question of, “can we touch in a document?” It explores the theme of intimacy, openness, vulnerability, and connection with one participant at a time.

The participant will first receive an email with basic instructions and a link to enter the google document performance space. During the performance the participant will go through a series of interactions with the artist in the document, explore the vast empty virtual space together, and to feel the physical presence as cursors. We will build a house, make eye contact, or even talk about how nothing exists, anything can happen in the space. The artist will facilitate the situation according to the participants’ response to the propositions; therefore every performance will be different. After the performance, they will receive a rendered PDF file of the document we created together during the performance.

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