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Human Sound II 

Idea - Eglė Šimėnaitė

Composers: Valtteri Alanen, Gabriele de Seta, Anthony Tsang, En Ping Yu

Recordings/realization - Eglė Šimėnaitė, Valtteri Alanen, En Ping Yu

Set/props: Anna Vohralikova

Performed by: Eglė Šimėnaitė, Valtteri Alanen, En Ping Yu

In collaboration with PUNCTUM space

(Human Sound is an on-stage performance taking the form of almost a stand-up / improvised concert where two people are searching for a sonic communication using different tools of sound. The performance is filled with thoughts, memories, dreams, stories, thinking streams and feelings of a performer En Ping Yu and transformed into a polyphony of sounds by Valtteri Alanen, creating an

experience of different songs playing from a layer of consciousness. The performers are bonding through sound and with sound, affecting one another and bringing various textures from the thinking process of a human being.)


Human Sound II is a continuation of an ongoing research of a sonic world of humans. This time we are creating an experience of a one on one concert of compositions made by various composers trying to express the existence and their relationship with one particular person - En Ping Yu. A bigger part of the compositions were created using sounds only from a sound collection recorded from En Ping Yu's body and movement. To compose these pieces the creators used different methods, the compositions later turned into chapters and were combined with different media to experience this concert.

The Human Sound II experience for one person opens up into a concert of human body music and a different stretch of musical imagination, over layering one another to bring the audience back to their own selves.

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