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About me

于恩平 Yu En Ping is a puppet-maker and performer from Taipei, Taiwan. She refines her craft by exploring different materials and puppet-making techniques, and her performances revolve around the use of the body and its interactions with puppets and objects. She works with theater groups and performing artists both locally and worldwide, and develops her solo career through independent projects.

Education & Training


Indonesian mask dance (Topeng Java) worskshop with master Agung Gunawan


Ames Imaginaires marionette construction workshop

From Commedia dell' Arte to Goldoni: The birth and the growth of Modern Theater workshop

Poland Wegajty Theatre x Puppet & Its Double workshop: Mask-making and body performing skills

Natacha Belova puppet making and body performance workshop


Indonesian wooden mask (madya) class with master Supana

Alice Therese Gottschalk x Puppet & Its Double: Master class of string puppetry


Short One Player Theater animal transformation performing workshop

David Glass workshop in Macau

Solo Performances


Moya (Grinding Teeth)

When Nobody's Home



Moshina (with Theatre Naturally Connected)


Mr. Ka (with Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre)

Tarkovsky's Last Days of Europe (with David Glass and Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre)

Gullinkambi (with Bon Appétit Theatre)

Rainy Day

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